LeBron James is one of the most famous athletes in the world, and when he says something, it generally holds a lot of weight. In fact, LeBron has always used his platform to spread a plethora of political messages, and typically, this is either met with praise or a lot of disdain. With that being said, one would imagine that LeBron is always keeping tabs on his tweets, and what the responses are like. After all, who wouldn’t be curious about what people are saying.

Well, as it turns out, LeBron actually doesn’t care that much, or so he says. According to Michael Corvo of ClutchPoints, LeBron came out today and said that he doesn’t really look too much into Twitter. Typically, he will just send something out and then immediately turn his phone off and focus on other things.

Steph Chambers/Getty Images

“To be honest, when I send out, I don’t really track my traction. When I send out stuff I kinda just let it float in the metaverse. I just let it do its thing. I don’t track my tweets,” LeBron said.

The Lakers star also spoke about his tweet regarding the Super Bowl parade and how he wants the Lakers to partake. Bron noted that he just wants his teammates to experience the same things he did when he won in Miami and Cleveland. 

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