A recent comment made by Kanye West may have brought chuckles among his fanbase, but it rubbed LeVar Burton the wrong way. Burton is an actor who has dedicated his entire career to educating the youth and creating innovative ways to make learning a fun activity. For 23 years, Burton was the host of PBS Kids’ famed Reading Rainbow show, so it was unsurprising that he dropped off a take about Kanye West’s recent comments.

During an interview, West remarked, “I actually haven’t read any books.” He then likened reading to “eating Brussels sprouts.”

Vince Bucci / Stringer / Getty Images

Burton addressed the comparison on Twitter and brought up the Rap mogul’s family tree.

“[Eyeballs emoji] Hmmm… I’m going have to take Mr. West at his word. I hope however, that he shares a different message with the children enrolled in the school he’s founded named after his mother, who was an professor of English. I’m fairly certain she read a book or two. #bydhttmwfi.”

He was, of course, referring to the late Donda West, who has been Kanye’s motivation. The author and professor earned her doctorate, and for over three decades, she was the chair of Chicago State University’s English department. Burton also mentions Donda Academy, the new exclusive, clandestine school Kanye has been promoting.

We’re not sure if Ye will answer Burton’s reaction, but you can see it below.Β