Lil Durk has had some trouble with the law in recent years, and as The Voice of the trenches, he’s offering advice on how to not end up in a rough spot with the police. 

The Chicago rapper has been active on social media as of late, sharing his thoughts on a myriad of different topics, as well as just spreading his general wisdom with the world. Before rap, Durkio was active in the streets, and he still is to an extent, but he knows how to keep his hands clean. The entertainer told his Twitter followers about what he thinks the police are doing to lock people up, possibly sharing a conspiracy theory.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

“Police be on these fake accounts then boooooom you locked up,” wrote Smurk on Twitter.

It’s unclear if the tweet comes from a personal experience, or if Durk simply believes that cops are posing as regular civilians on social media and waiting for rappers to screw up. Similarly, Florida rapper Yungeen Ace suggested that the police in his state have a bias against rappers, which would explain all of the arrests recently in Miami and its surroundings.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Do you think the police are hiding out on Twitter and Instagram, waiting for people to make mistakes?