Hackers are having a good week following numerous celebrity sex tape leaks involving Nelly, Isaiah Rashad, and others. At the beginning of this week, Nelly “accidentally” posted a one-minute video of himself receiving oral sex from an anonymous woman. A few days after, Isaiah Rashad was “outed” when a video leaked, allegedly showing him engaging in sexual acts with other men. Those two weren’t the only big-name celebrities to deal with lewd video leaks as Lil Fizz, a rapper from B2K, also had one of his alleged OnlyFans videos surface online, showing him pleasuring himself until climax.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Lil Fizz found himself trending on social media on Wednesday after an alleged video of himself masturbating was shared from his OnlyFans account. The video was captioned, “Lil Fizz Mushroom,” prompting many Twitter users to make jokes at Fizz’s expense, laughing at the shape of his penis. As you may have noticed this week, this sort of reaction isn’t anything farfetched from social media trolls. Nelly was also clowned for his size when his videos were posted. 

Despite the internet roasting Lil Fizz and his member, Apryl Jones (who previously dated Fizz in 2019) only had good things to say about their sex life at the time. “I’m getting the d*ck I want. I love it, oh my God. It’s the best d*ck of my life. It really, genuinely is,” she said.

Check out some reactions below from fans. We will not be sharing the video in question for obvious reasons but you can likely find it with a quick search.