It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper is kicking off with a bang. For her first guest, the news producer sat down with LisaRaye McCoy, who opened up about everything from the Rihanna and Ari Fletcher drama that resulted in the former reportedly having her Savage X Fenty partnership revoked to her secret criminal history.

“For me to be the age that I am, I have done an awful lot,” the 54-year-old shared on It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper. “I really have, and there are things that I could keep in the closet, but for what? Because I might embarrass somebody because it helped me become who I am now.” 

Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Speaking on her history of not holding back when giving her opinion on basically anything, The Player’s Club actress continued, “I talk the way I talk because I can.” In case you missed it, last month, McCoy aired out Instagram influencer Ari Fletcher for harmful comments she made about domestic violence during a podcast interview.

“[Ari] was out of line, out of place, she was immature,” she said on Fox Soul at the time. “See, that’s the difference between a social media influencer, and a real celebrity and star. There is a difference. You have to work your way up to that stardom so you know what level that you’re stepping into, ’cause it’s levels to this that’s respectable. People respect you!”

When chatting with McCoy, Harper brought up rapper baby mamas, asking the Chicago native how she feels about them. “You know, here’s the thing,” the actress began. “If that’s their way of collecting a cheque, and they wanna be bothered with something that they didn’t want to be bothered with in the beginning – for 18 years or the rest of their life – have at it, ‘cuz that’s exactly what they’re doing.”

“That’s their meal ticket now,” the mother of one went on. When Harper specifically name-dropped Fletcher and the fact that she came into cultural relevance as G Herbo‘s baby mama, McCoy responded, “I didn’t even know all of that either, I don’t even keep up, because seriously, I wanna speak and be around folks that’s doing something and not just collecting a bag ‘cuz it’s about the money.”

Elsewhere in their conversation, the All of Us cast member shared a few of the sticky situations she’s landed herself in over the years, including multiple trips to jail. “I shot somebody, I done pistol-whipped folks, I had fights. I’m not the average pretty girl that’s afraid to break a nail.

McCoy listed disrespect and getting someone off of her for reasons to shoot, although she dodged Harper’s inquiry about how many people she’s allegedly hit – listen to the full interview below.