Tensions have been pretty high for it to be only 2 months into the new year, with a new issue seemingly sprouting or resurfacing every week. The vast majority of the animosity has stemmed from Kanye West‘s quest to get his family back, and Pete Davidson’s relationship with Kim Kardashian hindering that. As that unfolds, people on both sides have been dragged into the fray.Β Kid Cudi, who is close with Pete Davidson, has been called out by Ye for not having his back. FansΒ reacted to the call out and Cudi’s response, seemingly understanding both perspectives.

Lupe Fiasco, though, recalls his past interactions with Kid Cudi and activities of his that he doesn’t condone.

Jeff Schear/Getty Images for AT&T

A fan responded to Kanye West‘s posts and statements, saying “Nah Cudi a goat fym, Ye just being petty asf.” This prompted a reply from Lupe Fiasco: “Oh he a goat. But he a b*tch.”

These aren’t random or entirely recent thoughts from Lupe Fiasco on Kid Cudi‘s actions. Years ago, Lupe and Cudi had issues involving an unnecessary call-out on Cudi’s behalf. Lupe had a service where he would make personalized verses for fans, and the fans would pay for said verses (resemblant to how Cameo operates now). Cudi made it seem as though this was “scamming,” villainizing Lupe Fiasco in certain lights. Lupe wanted a simple phone call to clear this up, but Cudi seemingly hasn’t reached out to this day.

Who else do you think will be involved in this mess? We’ll keep you updated on any verbal altercations, and more importantly, the art that results from them. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.