A few fans learned the hard way that he may be an international superstar, but Method Man does not play. The Wu-Tang icon is a celebrity who stays out of the controversy and has established himself as a formidable entertainer, most recently in television, but he found himself engaged in a back and forth of sorts with Twitter users after someone photoshopped his face.

Aside from being an award-winning rapper, Meth has also been a bit of a sex symbol. It’s easy to find social media posts and memes of people thirsting after him, and on Twitter, a man shared a picture that showed a photoshopped Method Man without a beard. “Y’all ladies still choosing?” the user wrote alongside the image.

Leon Bennett / Stringer / Getty Images

The photo was not missed on Meth because he responded, “This is suckash*t.. u still hv time to delete it… Love and [light] my brother.” The Twitter user was surprised that the rapper reacted and said he didn’t mean anything by it, but the damage was done. The picture began circulating on social media and Method Man made sure it was known that he didn’t appreciate the antics.

After a social media user noted that “men are weird” for switching up the rapper’s picture just because women found him attractive, Meth added, “Sounds about right!” Check out more from this debacle below.