As the world is scrambling to deal with the coronavirus outbreak, super-producer Metro Boomin isΒ done with people complaining over dollar amounts and billionaire donations to help with the globe’s recovery. Sending out a series of tweets this weekend, the beatmaker ranted about how the people whining about $25 million donations are the same folks who will never bring a single canned good to their local food drive. DJ Akademiks reposted several of the messages, but Young Metro was not impressed with how the social media commentator was twisting the narrative. It resulted in a back-and-forth that may have severed their relationship.

Metro Boomin Akademiks
Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

“You trying to be slick only posting a few of the tweets. I’m not for the negativity. Just keep me off of your gossip page all together please,” requested the 26-year-old music maker. DJ Akademiks responded that he believes Metro was being sensitive about the matter, writing: “Wondering why u in ur feelings bout this… Nobody was being slick.”

In a new post about Metro’s reaction, Ak goes for blood.

“@metroboomin stop being sensitive n***a. Ain’t nobody being slick. WorldStar posted the same thing … go look AINT see u under their post having a hissyfit. Block me idc. Gonna post what I want still.”

Whose side are you on?