Hip Hop fans are still disgruntled over DJ Akademiks’ comments about the pioneers of the genre. Earlier this week, the New Jersey native caused a stir online after claiming in a Twitch stream that Hip Hop veterans are “dusty” and bad with business. The comments sparked a conversation throughout the culture and caused heavy hitters like LL Cool J and Russell Simmons to address the the disparaging comments. “Don’t think just because somebody knows how to get money — or fails to get money — that they didn’t make a contribution to the culture,” LL shared in a response video. 

Michael Rapaport is latest celebrity to call out Akademiks over his “misinformed” rhetoric. The actor, who has worked alongside the hip hop community for many years, slammed the 31-year old media personality in a heated Instagram video. “I’m not gonna be as polite as the great LL COOL J, Russell Simmons, anybody else that spoken on this bum-a** clown, dusty, dirty, bum-a**, short, fat, bloated, goofy, no-talent little s**t, Akademiks, disrespecting the people who built Hip Hop.”

Michael Rappaport interviews LL Cool J during in 2018- Jonathan Daniel/BIG3/Getty Images

The impassioned diss didn’t end there. The 52-year old star continued, “First of all, you’re not a f***ing DJ. You don’t cut, you don’t scratch, you don’t produce. You’re not a DJ, so stop calling yourself DJ. Shut this dude down. You’re a fu**ing joke. Making money off Hip Hop when you have no skillset in Hip Hop. Shut this bozo goofball down.”

Akademiks caught wind of Rapaports’s Instagram video and immediately fired back. “7 likes later.. N***a u can’t be serious. U ain’t done sucking up KD or the barstools N*** yet? Save ur saliva for ur long line of ppl u gotta really get at … I just laugh at a N***a like u.” Since his comments went viral, Akademiks has gotten backlash from fans, musicians and his fellow media personalities. However, the Off The Record podcast host is not backing down from his statements. 

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