There wasn’t going to be any funny business happening at her concert if Monica had anything to say about it. Conversations about musicians stopping their shows for various reasons have been at the forefront following the tragedy that occurred at Astroworld last year. People continue to fault Travis Scott for the deaths of 10 festivalgoers, with critics maintaining that Scott could see the chaos in the audience but refused to stop his show.

Scott’s supporters, as well as his legal team, state otherwise, but this has caused artists toΒ be more alert to issues that may be arising in their live crowds.

Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty ImagesΒ 

A video of Monica performing at a recent concert went viral and in the clip, the acclaimed R&B icon was in the middle of a song when she saw something happening in the front row. Monica took a moment to assess what was going on after seeing people in the crowd arguing with one another.

“Hold on one minute, what’s the problem right here?” she asked one woman. “Aht! Not in this motherf*cker tonight! No, no! Not in here. Nope, nope, we ain’t killin’ no vibes in here.”

Apparently, the whole snafu had to do with someone not being able to see the show because someone else was too tall, but the petty argument was shut down swiftly by the singer and she continued with any further interruptions. Watch Monica keep it real below.