She has long accused Tyler Perry of being behind her being excluded from Hollywood and Mo’Nique is not letting up. For years, the Academy Award-winning actress has long spoken about her contention with the mogul, detailing what she claimed was Perry orchestrating to have her blackballed from the industry. Her grievances don’t only lay with the Madea actor as Mo’Nique has also called out Oprah Winfrey, as well.

Mo’Nique has returned to speak about the conflict once again with Ts Madison, and this time, the actress claimed that Perry did agree to meet with her. However, she couldn’t bring her husband and she would need to apologize for stating that the downfall of her career was due to his and Winfrey’s input.

Jason Merritt / Staff / Getty Images

Mo’Nique didn’t agree to the deal and said that the world doesn’t believe when Black women speak up for themselves until they’ve passed away.

“See, I can give you their names: Eartha Kitt, I can give you their names: Hazel Scott, I can give you their names: Fannie Lou Hamer, I can give you their names: Hattie McDaniel,” said Mo’Nique. “All of those women took a stand. And all of those women left here heartbroken, unhealthy, looking at a community saying, ‘You know I’m right, but why won’t anybody say anything?’”

She also denied allegations that she hated Perry, Winfrey, or Lee Daniels, another filmmaker who has faced similar accusations from Mo’Nique.

“Let me be clear. I love those people. We love those people, my husband and I love them,” she said. “They’re our brothers and sisters. And, as my husband always says, ‘momma, we ain’t calling nobody out.’ We’re simply calling them up to say, listen let’s make our community better by making it right, not running and hiding by what you consider is your power.”

Yet, Mo’Nique stands firm that she has a private recording from Perry where he apologizes for blackballing her. Perry has yet to publicly acknowledge this latest interview. Watch Mo’Nique below.