Myles Turner has been having a weird year with the Indiana Pacers. The star player believes he is more than just a role player, and that if the Pacers don’t start treating him as such, he will simply demand a trade. Teams are already on the lookout for deals involving Tuner, and it remains to be seen if something will get done by the trade deadline, which just so happens to be taking place on Thursday.

Unfortunately for Turner, fans are looking at more than just his basketball game right now. Instead, they are also scrutinizing his game with the ladies. This is because of a TikTok he posted recently, in which he tried to secure a date by demanding 10K likes from his followers. It was a pretty pathetic attempt at trying to get a woman’s attention, and fans are letting him know about it.

As you can see in the Twitter reactions below, many fans were simply amazed at Turner’s audacity here. “There just isn’t a single cool NBA player, they all dweebs. This is excruciating,” one fan wrote. This was followed up by some more hilarious commentary about how LeBron was catfishing NBA stars just so they could end up with the Lakers. Of course, this was in reference to the woman demanding that Turner play for the Lakers before taking her on a date.

Overall, fans were simply not impressed with Turner, who committed the greatest crime of all: cringe.

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