On Feb. 4, Atlanta’s very own 2 Chainz released his seventh studio album Dope Don’t Sell Itself, containing marquee features like Roddy Ricch, Lil Baby, Moneybagg Yo, 24 Dugg, NBA YoungBoy and more. As Tity Boi’s first album in nearly two years, a lot of fans were thrilled about the quality of the music they’re hearing from him at this stage of his career. 

Of those admiring 2 Chainz‘s new body of work was Drink Chmps host and east coast rapper N.O.R.E., who already believes the album is a classic. Noreaga explained on his Instagram Live Sunday (Feb. 6) that he only checked out the album at first because he had many friends told him he got shouted out on the album: “This is the reason why our culture suffers sometimes. I got 3500 calls telling me that 2 Chainz shouted me out on the album. Not once called did I get saying Toni (one of 2 Chainz’s rap aliases) made a classic. A classic!”

N.O.R.E. continued by emphasizing how much he loved the album, even though 2 Chainz never joined him on the Drink Champs podcst: “So I’m going to check the album out, I’m like, ‘Let me go check out my N.O.R.E. shoutout.’ I’m going just to listen to that sh*t, but not one of you hatin’ motherf**kers told me that Toni made a motherf**kin’ classic. 2 Chainz’s album is a classic. I’ma go on the road and say that, and I’ma back this sh*t up. And 2 Chainz didn’t even do Drink Champs. But when the props is due, the props is due. Good f**king work.”

Around the same time, Noreaga also tweeted out praise for Dope Don’t Sell Itself, doubling down on his stance: “Damn brothers n sisters I LOVE 2 chains new ALBUM !!!! Ain’t none of y’all was gonna call me n tell me TONY MADE A CLASSIC !!! Can’t stand y’all!!! Good work BIG TITTY!!!”

What did y’all think of Dope Don’t Sell Itself?