Fans didn’t think they would see much of NBA YoungBoy for some time, especially after his producer claimed that the rapper was taking a break from social media. YoungBoy continues to be hunkered down with his loved ones in Utah while on house arrest but that hasn’t stopped him from racking up numbers on the charts. From the confines of his residence, YoungBoy has shared new releases, music videos, and videos with his girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle, and on Wednesday (February 9), the rapper caused a ruckus when he appeared on Instagram Live without warning.

The Livestream mainly consisted of YoungBoy rapping, dancing, and listening to music, and it didn’t take long for him to amass 200K viewers.

Also making an appearance on the Live was YoungBoy’s baby girl that he reportedly shared with Jazlyn Mychelle. Meanwhile, YoungBoy may have popped up on Instagram Live to celebrate a new milestone following the release of his latest mixtape, Colors. The rapper has reportedly secured more Platinum and Gold RIAA certifications than both Future and J.Cole, and that is quite the accomplishment considering the obstacles he has faced over the years.

Additionally, YoungBoy created a bit of a stir once again after he also sent a message out to the world, telling artists not to sign with Atlantic Records. It isn’t the first time he has taken issue with his label and called them out. Check it all out below.