Whatever is going on behind the scenes is causing extreme aggravation for NBA YoungBoy and he isn’t afraid to call people out. The rapper has been steadily releasing new music and sharing posts on social media, despite being previously incarcerated and currently under house arrest. Although he’s amassed huge numbers and climbed the charts, YoungBoy hasn’t been without controversy. There have been beefs with his fellow rappers that have emerged online and it seems that YoungBoy continues to haveย issues with Atlantic Records.

Earlier this week, YoungBoy sent out a warning and advised artists not to sign to Atlantic, and on Friday (February 11), he returned to add a few thoughts.

Erika Goldring / Contributor / Getty Images

On his Instagram page he uploaded an image that read, “Don’t sign to Atlantic unless you want to be a slave.” He added, “I repeat don’t!!” In the caption, YoungBoy penned, “No it’s deeper just don’t.”

The rapper didn’t specify what issues he was having with his label, but he isn’t the first to come forward with complaints. Others,ย like Meek Mill, have fired off tweets and social media posts about their Atlantic deals and Almighty Jayย publicly pleadedย to be released from his contract. In recent years, there has been an even greater push, especially in the Rap and Hip Hop arenas, for artists to go the independent route.

Check out NBA YoungBoy’s posts below.