Karma’s a bitch. After responding to Madonna’s thirst trap with “some things should be covered up,” Nelly has had a little social media slip-up of his own, accidentally posting (and then quickly deleting) a video of what looks like someone performing oral sex on him.

If you haven’t yet come across the minute-long clip, it can be easily tracked down on Twitter, where users have been avidly critiquing both the “Just A Dream” singer’s manhood as well as the anonymous woman’s fellatio skills.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

One thing that really stands out about the leaked sex tape would be Nelly‘s moans, which some viewers admitted is how they immediately recognized that it was him. While the 47-year-old’s vocal tendencies had some people turned on, others felt that his reaction didn’t line up with the “dry” blowjob he was receiving.

“Nelly’s moans gave me… Bottoming with lotion instead of lube lol,” one user wrote. “Meanwhile the head was dry as hell lol.” Others added, “That girl that was giving Nelly head [needs] a little help, some pointers, a tutorial or [something] cause she was not doing it right.”

Seeing as the incriminating clip was taken down almost as quickly as it was posted, it’s clear that Nelly didn’t want to expose himself to the world, but now that he has, he gets to revel in the joy of once again becoming a meme – check out the reactions below.