The unimaginable may be happening this week… Kendrick Lamar could be releasing new music. According to hip-hop media executive Ebro Darden, the rapper’s camp may have confirmed that the Compton-born rapper will be dropping a single this week ahead of his performance at the upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show.ย 

A few weeks ago, it wasย rumored that Kendrick Lamar would be returning with a new single on either February 4 or February 11. The first date is obviously out of the question now but hope has been restored in the second possibility after Ebro noted that the producer of his showย suggested the single was confirmed.

On Wednesday’s episode of Rap Life Review on Apple Music, Ebro read a note from the show’s producer, Sasha, which seemingly confirms that K. Dot is dropping on Friday.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

“What Iโ€™m reading here provided by our producer Sasha… the way this reads, it sounds like itโ€™s confirmed that we will get a single from Kendrick Lamar before his performance,” said Ebro on the show. He went on to read verbatim what was written, quoting, “with the release of his single to be debuted ahead of the performance.”

As HipHopNMore points out in a report, Apple Music likely has some insider knowledge on what’s happening with Kendrick’s upcoming releases so it may not be a coincidence that the tea was spilled on Ebro’s show.

Stay tuned for more information (and hopefully a real confirmation from Kendrick) about the iconic rapper’s upcoming return to music.