Though there was some confusion about Pusha T’s stance on the G.O.O.D. Music label, one thing was never lost in translation: Pusha T‘s new music is sounding great to his listeners.

On the heels of Daytona‘s massive success and critical acclaim, the Virginia born trap connoisseur got to work on his next offering. In similar fashion to that well received album, G.O.O.D. Music label head Kanye West is handling the production (and will be doing so on Pusha T albums for the foreseeable future). This is great information for fans of both hip hop veterans, as the snippets from the upcoming It’s Not Dry Yet album have left fans elated for more.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

In recent days, yet another snippet surfaced on Twitter:

The brief clip features Pusha T‘s lines cutting through instrumentation with concise clarity. Sample chops and crisp drums adorn the lyrics, resemblant to the production Kanye lended to the aforementioned Daytona project. Fans enjoyed the short serving of what’s to come, commenting and quoting various lines from the video and their opinions on the sound:

The more puzzling piece of the video concerns the person sitting in the studio alongside Push. This led to a flurry of references that, we must admit, have been hilarious:

Are you looking forward to Pusha T’s new album? Do you have an idea of who is sitting in the back? Let us know in the comment section.