On a segment from The Nick Cannon Show, Nick decided to get vulnerable about his love life.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Nick Cannon has been in headlines quite a bit as of late, but luckily for him, most of them have been whimsical in nature. After a long standing feud with Eminem, he took a moment to explain what led to the more recent animosity andadmitted he was “a little overzealous” in his approach.

Nick’s much more serious war at the moment is with Kevin Hart, the two exchanging pranks and gaffs to the extreme. Kevin’s latest convoluted scheme included condoms, packaged into a full sized vending machine and placed in Nick’s dressing room. Nick stated that the prank initially caused some baby mama drama, but was cleared up eventually.

Speaking of monthers of his children, Nick talked for a moment about Mariah Carey. His new song “Alone” sampled the legendary singer’s song “Love Takes Time.” The two had a brief marriage in the early 2010s, but it seems like Cannon isn’t angling at that, although publications assumed he was based on sample choice. Cannon spoke about this topic:

“The song wasn’t really about trying to get her back. It was about taking ownership of what I did as a man. Ownership of my flaws and taking it, expressing it in a song.”

He also joked about Kanye West‘s recent activity involving Kim Kardashian: “I was just tryna bring my Kanye energy. The difference is, Kanye really tryna get her back, ain’t he?” He continued, “Know what, I’mma get Kanye on the remix to my song. That’s what we gonna do.”

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