Lil Baby was supposed to be on Nicki Minaj‘s live stream on Tuesday night (February 8) but after experiencing some technical difficulties, he ended up quitting the chat and promising a re-try in the coming days.

As Nicki Minaj returns to the spotlight with a fiery onslaught of new music with Lil Baby, including theΒ new single “Do We Have A Problem?” and the upcoming release “Bussin.” The former track has been going viral on social media and is one of the fastest-selling songs of the week, whereas the latter is insanely hyped with fans believing Baby’s contributions sound stronger, judging from the snippets. Ahead of the release of “Bussin” on Friday (February 11), Lil Baby attempted to join Nicki’s Instagram Live session with the Barbz but he was not able to figure out the platform, leaving the stream a few minutes after logging in.

John McCoy/Getty Images

After trying for a bit to get onto Nicki’s live stream, Baby gave up and told his fans, “We just gone pull up on y’all in the studio or something when we get together ’cause it ain’t workin’ how it’s supposed to work.”

Eventually, Baby ended up getting into his Sagittarius sister’s stream, leaving a comment after Nicki seemingly asked him to make his presence known. “Leave a comment,” wrote Baby in the chat, clearly having zero idea of what he was doing.

Check out a couple of posts about the failed live stream below and stay tuned for them to get together in the studio, where Baby will surely have lots of help getting set up.