For the second straight week, legendary rapper Nicki Minaj has released a new single with Atlanta rapper Lil Baby. The Queen follows up the release of her return single “Do We Have A Problem” by dropping “Bussin'” on all streaming services, however, as she has pointed out, the version some of her fans are listening to isn’t exactly the correct version.

Apparently, the explicit version that was uploaded to Apple Music is not fully mixed and has the wrong levels. Nicki alerted her fans that the clean version sounds alright but that the explicit edition needs to be changed as soon as possible.

“I just listened to #Bussin on Apple Music and that is not the right version of the song,” tweeted Nicki on Friday morning (February 11). “The clean version is correct. Idk what happened & why the explicit version sounds like that. Not mixed, wrong levels, no doubles on the hook, etc. isItJustMe? We have to change ASAP.”

After contacting her engineer, she learned that the version on Spotify and TIDAL is alright, as well as the existing file on YouTube. “Y’all know I’m a perfectionist I would FKNG NEVER EVER,” she added, explaining why it’s such a big deal for her to get this fixed so urgently.Β 

It’s unclear if the issue has been fixed this morning but Nicki’s final tweet of the night reads, “It’s the middle of the night so ppl are not in the office. They’re sleep. I just want you guys to have the best experience & this isn’t it. I’m working & will update you guys soon. Promise.”

Listen to “Bussin” below and let us know if your version sounds unmixed on Apple Music in the comments.