By now, Nicki Minaj’s banging body is engraved in our brains. Nonetheless, whenever she makes an IG post showing off her cheeks, the internet can’t help but to be in awe.

Squatting on a pink pool table in nothing but high heels and a black lingerie set, the Harajuku Barbie has everything out in the open. With her head over her shoulder, hands on her knees, and an arch in her back, the rapper looks more than seductive to her 175 million followers.

Among the shocked and adoring responses in her comment section were some notable celebs. Lala Anthony, Saucy Santana, and Soulja Boy flooded her with heart and fire emojis. Winna Harlow, supermodel, asked, “Is the shape on for sale too?”

Nicki’s caption, “A** so fat it’s B B Bussin,” is in response to her newest single “Bussin” featuring Atlanta rapper Lil Baby. In the song, Minaj rapped, “A** and thighs that’s where I’m thick at,” and she posted the picture to prove it. 

In a continued effort to get some more traction for the record, the Trinadian rapper took to Twitter to explain how she and her husband, Kenneth Petty, vibe to it with some explicit details. 

The tweet read, “Last night I did back shots and twerked the whole time to ‘Bussin.’ Dude was losing his mind.Gave me a whole speech afterward. ‘Ooohhh it’s so soft, it’s clappin crazy, Onika I love you so much, everytime I play ‘Bussin’ Ima think about this, yoooooo how [the f*ck] you do that’ men stupid.”

Aside from that upbeat release, this is the second consecutive week that she and Lil Baby have dropped tracks together. Last week, their song “Do We Have a Problem” hit streaming platforms and quickly made history. The song has earned the biggest US unit sales debut for any song in 2022 thus far. The music video for the record already has over 18 million views.

Leave it to Minaj to kill two birds with one stone– flexing for the gram and promoting her work. Check out the post below.