He’s known for his time with B2K and solo career than spawned several hit singles, but there was also a brief era when Omarion was signed to Maybach Music. It may have seemed like an odd pairing at the time, but back in 2012, the singer joined Rick Ross‘s roster. However, things didn’t move forward as hoped for, and during his recent interview with The Breakfast Club, he detailed his unfulfilled expectations from Rozay.

“I was under the impression at the time of Maybach Music’s inception, you know, what it is that I contributed to his business, you know what I’m sayin’, and I feel like on that level he respects me, and you know, he has to respect me,” said Omarion.

Rick Diamond / Staff / Getty Images

“That’s cool, but you know, as far as personally, it’s all good, Rozay is one of the funniest persons, like, to come across,” he continued. “If I see him, salute, but he showed me some things. So, because he showed me things, even though, he could have helped more. He could have lent more of a hand than, you know, what he was maybe portraying to be.”

“But I appreciate the experience man, I had so much fun over at Maybach Music and making that music at that time and being able to create a alias Maybach O to feel a part of something that was truly outside of my culture and outside of myself.”

DJ Envy wanted to know just how hands-on Ross was with Omarion‘s career. “Rozay shows up. Rozay was there,” he replied. “But when it wasn’t that time, it wasn’t that time.” Charlamagne Tha God questioned what more could Ross have done.

“I would just say one of the tale tells for was one of the last conversations him and I had, when he came out to L.A., I just expressed to him as a businessman I need to prepare myself for my transitions, and respectfully, if there’s something going on with you and Atlantic, just let me know so I can prepare myself.”

“I was very clear with him with that.” Omarion suggested that Ross said he had his back. “And it was like, Maybach Music is no longer a label and I gotta go and actually do the work that was necessary for my journey to figure out where I was, and it wasn’t in a good position. That’s really what I’m talking about. We had a conversation but you didn’t honor that and you didn’t feel like you needed to.”

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