Just a few months ago, O’Ryan stunned the internet when his OnlyFans video leaked. The social media influencer is also Omarion‘s brother and the father of Jhenรฉ Aiko’s teen daughter, and in a clip, he was seen doing naked jumping jacks. The video went viral and people made it a talking point, and for the first time, the former B2K singer is giving his take on his brother’s controversy.ย 

“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that,” said Omarion as the Lip Service hosts laughed. Angela Yee asked the singer what he thought about his brother’s nude display.

“Well, as a bro, we make jokes on each other,” said Omarion. “We all walked in the room and started doing jumping jacks. But it’s all good… The thing about us saying, particularly my brother, that he has a way of expressing his sexuality, and I would like to add, as a masculine man. A lot of the times, women feel like that looks like promiscuity, but it’s not.”

“Just like women express themselves, men want to express themselves, too. Prince did that,” he continued. “It’s so many artistsโ€”he was able to express himself and masculine men want to, sometimes, just like y’all put your ass out there on the line, sometimes you want to put your d*ck out there. Like, ‘Hey baby, I’ll hit you in the head with this mothaf*cka!'”

Check out Omarion on Lip Service below.