In the latest edition of “Oscars Slap” conversations, one of the ceremony’s producers, Will Packer, is sitting down with Good Morning America. There has been confusion as to whether or not Will Smith was asked by the Academy to leave the award show after he slapped Chris Rock on stage, but Packer did confirm that police were ready to arrest Smith.

According to Packer, the Los Angeles Police Department visited his office where they spoke with Rock.

Neilson Barnard / Staff / Getty Images

“They were saying, you know, this is battery, is the word they used in that moment,” said Packer. “They said, ‘We will go get him, we are prepared, we’re prepared to get him right now, you can press charges, we can arrest him’—they were laying out the options. And as they were talking, Chris was…he was being very dismissive of those options. He was like, ‘No, I’m fine. No, no, no.'”

“Even to the point where I said, ‘Rock, let ’em finish,'” Packer added. “The LAPD officers finished laying out what his options were and they said, ‘Would you like us to take any action,’ and he said no. He said no.”

Packer also told the outlet that he didn’t speak with Smith face-to-face the evening of the Oscars. Rock broke his silence about the hit during his Boston show last night (March 30), but he didn’t go into any details, telling the audience that he will soon formally address the incident at a future date. Check out the preview of Will Packer’s interview with GMA below.