As the only daughter of one of the most famous celebrities and most respected artists in the world, Paris Jackson has experienced societal pressures since birth. As a child, she toured the world and lived in various cities around the globe with father Michael Jackson and siblings Prince and Blanket, but it all has come with battles. Paris lost her father at a young age and reportedlyΒ struggled with her mental health during her adolescence.

Now that she’s an adult, and albeit still figuring out life, Paris shared with PopSugar that she has a good head on her shoulders thanks to practices that she learned from her dad.

Michael Loccisano / Staff / Getty Images

β€œI was raised by a free-love, hippie-type dude, so we were taught that beauty comes from the inside β€” and to this day, I still believe that,” said the singer. “Recently, I’ve learned how to cope with it all by practicing self-love and affirmations and diving deeper into my spiritual life.”

For Mental Health Awareness Month, artists have been coming forward with their stories of how they have managed to cope in a social media-driven society that comes with unending criticisms. “It wasn’t until the last couple of years that I’ve started feeling really good about myself and my body, and feeling comfortable and everything. Those moments of self-love aren’t 24/7, but the bad moments are fewer and further between.”Β