Back with a vengeance is Kanye West who has been taking aim at his supposed foes on social media. There was a brief moment earlier this week when the public believed that West has slowed down his online antics, but he kicked off his Thursday (February 17) with several messages about Pete Davidson. As the comedian remains quiet in regards to West’s prodding, the Rap mogul has yet again resurfaced Davidson’s Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” sketch where he jokingly advises West to take his medication.

The rapper’s posts have continued to spread like wildfire online and like hundreds of other outlets, Perez Hilton shared the news. It didn’t bode over well with West so he took a screenshot and posed a question.


“Perez I got a question directly for you Do you find jokes about mental health funny?” he asked. Perez chimed in with an answer.

“Pete has been very vocal about his mental health struggles,” said the famed blogger. “He’s a comedian. He makes jokes about his life. Did I find these jokes he did on SNL funny? Yes. I did.” Ye hasn’t responded, at least not publicly, to Hilton, but he has continued to post about Davidson and estranged wife Kim Kardashian

Now that Davidson is on Instagram and West follows him, it will be interesting to see how this continues to play out. Check out the post below and the Saturday Night Live sketch in question above.