Perkio’s one of the more famous celebrity doppelgängers at the moment, or at least one of the most talked about. He’s linked up often with his lookalike, Chicago rap star Lil Durk, whether it’s for concerts or getting involved in his 6ix9ine beef. However, Perkio’s taking their physical resemblance a little too personally, as after rumors of Durk splitting with India Royale started to spread, Perkio’s revealed he’s going single as well.

Rumors of a split between Durkio and his girlfriend started to surface when India Royale made some “free agent” claims on social media. She unfollowed the “Laugh Now, Cry Later” rapper on social media and deleted all related posts as well. Durk had his own words to say about the rumor, stating in an Instagram story post that “That p***y mines 4ever.” The make-up mogul responded with a simple cap emoji, which fans are hopeful is directed to the breakup rumors themselves. It seems, however, that she’s talking to Durk.

The lookalike’s relationship was nowhere near as high-profile, to the point where it’s unclear whether it’s more of a social media hijink than an actual breakup post. Regardless, Perkio stands between two bikini-clad women in the post, and many on Instagram have clowned on the rap clone.

While the Durk and India story’s still developing, the public investment in the relationship hasn’t stopped fans from hating on Perkio whenever he pops up. The clone recently revealed he’s charging $10K per show. We’ll see if Perkio continues to build clout and notoriety from his celebrity lookalike, whether it’s by emulating his presence or his personal life.