Police are still searching for a suspect in the case involving PNB Rock’s murder. Though many, including the police, were under the impression that social media played a role in the fatal robbery, authorities aren’t shutting down the possibilities that the rapper’s death was part of a planned attack. According to TMZ, the investigation into the rapper’s death is now crossing state lines as police suggest his past feuds may have played a role in his death. 

PnB Rock performs at TIDAL X PnB Rock ‘TrapStar Turnt PopStar’ album listening experience at Foley Gallery on May 02, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Chance Yeh/Getty Images)

Sources with the LAPD say that the case is “moving in several concurrent directions” at this point but investigators are looking into how his feuds in other cities, namely Philly and Atlanta, where he’s spent a significant amount of time, may have resulted in his murder. They’re looking for information from anyone who may have known who his enemies were. Additionally, they’re using PNB Rock’s lyrics to see if there were any clues alluding to the individuals he may have had problems with.

Police think there’s more at play here since a robber would’ve simply robbed him for his jewelry without fatally shooting him. In terms of the suspect, they say they’ve received tips and are going through video feeds, which is taking time to verify.

Finally, police have cleared PNB Rock’s girlfriend, who was facing significant backlash after conspiracy theories emerged suggesting that she may have posted their location on purpose.