If you wanted solely cocaine-referencing lyrics from Pusha-T on his highly-anticipated new studio album, you will need to readjust your expectations because according to the Virginia-based rapper, he’s “growing up” and has evolved past his previous lyrical content. 

Prior to the release of his new single “Diet Coke,” which is produced by Kanye West and 88-Keys, Pusha-T responded to Spotify’s Head of Urban Music, Carl Chery, on Twitter, who said that the rapper’s cocaine references will never get old.

“Welp this album is abt feeding the conscious mind, I hope you aren’t disappointed,” replied Push. “I’m growing up Carl.”

At this stage of his career, the 44-year-old rapper has moved past the need to constantly come through with clever punchlines about white powder — however, we’re certain that there will be at least a few cocaine-referencing lyrics on the album. After all, the first single is called “Diet Coke” and this is Pusha-T… Even though he might not want to constantly be rapping about coke, those lyrics will surely still be highlights for fans.

“This era of Push is probably the most relaxed and competitive. I take the game so lightly, because now I know I’m so different,” previously said Push about the new music. “I know nobody is touching me on the street rap tip. It’s just not happening. I just want them to understand my foundation, and when it comes to my foundation, ain’t nobody f*cking with me on that. So now I just take it all so lightly, and just be great. You ain’t see me do nothing for the last two years except hold my child and build homes.”

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