Doctors and surgeons have taken to social media to warn BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) hopefuls, letting them know that the cosmetic procedure is one of the most dangerous. However, that hasn’t stopped millions of people from spending their hard-earned money on sculpting their bodies, with Miami being a BBL hotspot.Β Queen Naija has been candid about her cosmetic surgery, and back in May 2019, she even shared a video explaining the work she had done on her stomach, hips, and backside.

Someone on Twitter revisited the singer’s surgery and penned a message criticizing Queen for “telling mfs to love themselves how they are” while also deciding to get “a BBL… like OKAY MISS MAMAS.”

Queen Naija
Gabe Ginsberg / Stringer / Getty Images

Instead of ignoring the message, the singer decided to address the person. “The song was speaking to myself,” she replied. “The song was about not letting a man stop you from knowing your worth and being you, it had nothing to do with whether I decided to get a BBL or not, but I guess you’re just a little too shallow to understand.”

The exchange kicked off a firestorm of discussions as a line was drawn between the singer’s fans and critics. Check out a few posts below.