An altercation that took place on a JetBlue flight has caused the company to receive angry reactions from fans of Quincy. The singer and actor is a familiar name in the industry, if not for his talents, then for being the son of the late Kim Porter and R&B icon Al B. Sure, stepson of Sean “Diddy” Combs, and godson to entertainment icon Quincy Jones.

Quincy isn’t a public figure who often gets himself involved in controversy or beefs, but on Monday (February 28) morning,Β heΒ shared that he was allegedly manhandled by a JetBlue pilot and thrown off of a flight.

Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

“WHAT A FAKKIN FLIGHT [plane emoji] SMH,” Quincy tweeted. “@JetBlue y’all pilot out of pocket for putting his hands on me!! [angry censored emojis] #jetblue.”

In follow-up videos, Quincy is seen complaining about the interaction immediately following being kicked off of the plane. As his story goes, he was seated on the flight but his assistant was running into trouble with one of his bags. It was a bag that reportedly contained his anxiety medication, jewelry, and other personal items that he didn’t want to check at the gate, and he insisted that the luggage was small enough to fit overhead.

However, the ruckus reportedly caused the pilot to intervene, and when Quincy told him that he did not want to check the baggage, he claims the pilot grabbed him by his shirt and forced him out. Watch Quincy detail his experience below.Β