Redman says that the National Cannabis Party could one day “put someone in the president’s chair.” The legendary rapper launched the political party with his sister, Sephida Artis-Mills, in 2021 to address legal regulations of cannabis and educate the masses.

Redman discussed the NCP during a new interview with HipHopDX, published on Saturday. He emphasized his desire to do more than just sell cannabis products, and that inspired him to launch the party.

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

“The reason why you never seen a Redman product, a Redman vape pen, a Redman strain, anything, because I’ve been holding my brand for the bigger purpose, which is NCP, the National Cannabis Party,” Redman tells HipHopDX. “And what we are doing is, we are about giving the plant back to the people. We are about the structure of this cannabis industry. We are about education for our people. Don’t matter who it is, black, white, or green. If you an alien and you need education, we are about having the right platform to deliver that to you.”

He added: “So, we’re very clear here, there’s the Republican Party, there’s the Democratic Party, and there’s the first of its kind ever in history, the National Cannabis Party, meaning I could put someone in the president’s chair.”

Artis-Mills serves as the president of the organization.

Later in the piece, Redman jokes about whether or not he would consider running the office.

“I’m running for president in four years [laughs], but honestly, no, I wouldn’t want to take that job and be in office,” Redman said. “Like I said, I’m in the business of helping people. I love to help people and I want to be behind the gun. We want to be the ones quietly pushing the buttons and put someone in the seat that deserves it. We want to put a president in a seat that has smoked cannabis.”

He continues, “We need a president that has smoked. We need a president that has indulged before. We need a president that’s transparent about themself. We need to put them in the seat, so they can understand what’s really needed with this cannabis industry.”

The grassroots organization has already put forth a bill to address the regulation of cannabis in New York.