The prior animosity between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj has gone down in Hip Hop history, but in recent years, the ladies seemingly have put that beef to bed. There was a time when slick disses and lyrical jabs were takenβ€”who can’t forget “ShETHER”β€”but as their careers have progressed and families expanded, both Remy and Nicki look to be more concerned with making business moves than keeping their beef brewing.

Recently, Remy was out and about when she was approached by a paparazzo who wanted to get in a few questions before the Rap mogul went on her way. Of course, the person had to squeeze in a Nicki Minaj mention.

Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

The cameraperson wanted to know if Remy was open to mending fences with Nicki now that Minaj has recently spoken with City Girls. The Florida duo said some things about Minaj years ago but when they wanted to collaborate,Β Nicki rejected the request because she questioned why she would link with anyone who had previously expressed that they didn’t like her.Β 

Now that Minaj and City Girls areΒ back on track, Remy was asked if she would do the same with her former foe.Β 

“I don’t have no issues with nobody, I been chillin’,” Remy said with a smile on her face before making her exit. She was praised online for how she handled the situation, but there are still those who want to know if Remy and Nicki will ever sit down for a conversation. Check out the clip below.