Everyone is well aware of Rihanna and Rocky’s pregnancy news at this point. It’s been the talk of every major entertainment news outlet for more than a week now, and everyone has their own notions about the couple. Celebrities and peers have begun speaking out on things regarding the duo, sharing tips and advice for the future.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

Remy Ma, New York MC and mother of 1, spoke about the news of Rihanna having a baby on the way. She touched on the topic of womanhood as a whole, baby names, and how to make parenthood work as a businesswoman.

Firstly, she spoke on the naming of Rihanna and Rocky’s baby to be: “Well, her name is Rihanna, starts with an ‘R.’ His name is Rocky, starts with an ‘R,’ so they should possibly name their kid something that starts with an ‘R.’ She jokingly continued on to say “Remy is a unisex name, and I want them to know that. They need to know that.”

When asked if women in entertainment can have an all-mom career, Remy stated “Absolutely. So many have done it. You have the Cardi B‘s of the world, you have myself.” She expanded upon her answer with more advice and experience. “Sometimes it’s hard because we’re made to think we can’t do it, but, women? We can do everything. We run the world like Bey says.”

To round out her expression of love for Rihanna and her hope for her success, she shares how she dealt with the early stages of motherhood alongside her career. “You make it work. When you love something like your career and you are passionate about it, you just make it happen.”

We’ll update you on what Rihanna and Rocky decide to name their child the moment the news breaks.