If you have been paying attention to the NBA over the past week,Β then you are well aware of Robert Sarver and what has been happening with the Phoenix Suns owner. He was suspended for a whole year by the NBA and he was even fined $10 million. These punishments stem from Sarver’s gratuitous use of the N-word, all while delivering sexist and homophobic remarks while operating the Suns’ front office.

Since the Sarver report came to light, fans and players have been calling for a stiffer punishment. They believe Sarver needs to be removed from the league entirely, especially since the NBA had already set a harsher precedent when it comes to Donald Sterling and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Harry How/Getty Images

Today, the NBA and its players got some surprising yet fantastic news. As it turns out, Sarver will be selling the Phoenix Suns and the Mercury. He is doing this of his own free will and has already begun the process to look for new ownership.

This pretty much guarantees that Sarver won’t be around for much longer, which lets the NBA off the hook. It makes their lives much easier, and we’re sure Adam Silver is grateful for this news.

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