The start of Roddy Ricch‘s career became a hot topic of conversation at the top of the month after Meek Mill ranted about Atlantic Records on Twitter. The rapper hasn’t been shy in sharing his frustrations with his label, and recently, Meek suggested that Atlantic caused him to have division with both Roddy Ricch and Rick Ross.

Meek also added that he had a hand in helping Roddy gain fame, and in an interview with DJ Akademiks on the Off The Record podcast, Roddy clarified that it was Nipsey who introduced him to the game.

Jerritt Clark / Stringer / Getty Images

“I called Meek as soon as that happened. Facetime. Got his number. Facetimed him, ‘What’s goin’ on, bro.’ He gave me the whole run down,” he explained. “My only situation with him, he know this, so I can say whatever I want to say. One thing you not gone ever hear me do, I’m a real n*gga, I don’t speak on sh*t with n*ggas. I explained this to him, please let’s not speak on our business and situations if we can’t even call each other on the phone. That’s one thing that I don’t do.” He added that if he can’t “call you on the phone as a man,” then he just doesn’t speak on it at all.

“My situation with Atlantic was already solidified due to Nipsey Hussle walking me into the building. You know what I’m saying? He gave us that big brother love, that big brother hug, and never wanted nothing from us,” Roddy explained. “All Money In, I was really supposed to All Money In. I can show you picture while I had the Dreamchaser chain and the All Money In chain on at the same time. While he working on Victory Lap, at the studio in Burbank, I’m f*ckin’ with him. Pullin’ up.”

Roddy explained that it wasn’t just about signing on as an All Money In artist because it could have been a management deal. He added that there was so much that Nipsey helped him with prior to there being any conversations with Meek. “Before the Meek situation, Nipsey took me to Powerhouse, had me performing in front of people who didn’t know nothing I put out. This was before ‘Die Young.'”

Watch Roddy Ricch explain his side of the story below.