Russ is known to rub people the wrong way at times but, at the end of the day, he’s one of the most talented people in the music industry. He’ll tell you that too.

Recently, he hopped on Instagram Live and made some comments that people were unsure about, even getting picked up by Everyday Struggle.

“There’s one rapper who can fuck with me and it’s Drake,” said Russ. “That’s it… no rapper can give you ‘Losing Control’, ‘MVP’, and also ‘Best On Earth’ except Drake and then the difference is, I produce this shit so that’s a whole new level.”

DJ Akademiks and the hosts of Everyday Struggle clowned Russ for his take, and Ak even went on to post the clip to his ultra-popular page on Instagram, which Russ saw.

The multi-platinum artist took some time to clarify his remarks:

“Never said nothin bout ‘best’. Was talkin moreso about ability and versatility. And then yea, also producin some songs..drakes the [goat] tho duh lol. Also, you’re supposed to think you’re great lol if more people had my confidence more people might get what they want outta life too.”

Do you agree with Russ? Is Drake the only other rapper that’s on his level or is he living in his own world?