If you are a fan of Ciara, then you are well aware of her history with Future. The two had a child together and when they eventually broke up, Future did not take it very well. Eventually, Ciara went on to marry Seattle Seahawks superstar Russell Wilson, with whom she has multiple children. Future is not a huge fan of Wilson and has made some menacing comments about the man, in the past. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that the couple would be quick to leave any party attended by the artist.

Well, that is exactly what happened on Saturday night, according to TMZ. Wilson and Ciara were at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, which was the location of Drake‘s Super Bowl performance. In the end, Future was brought out as a guest, which immediately led to Ciara and Russ‘ exit from the party. 

It seems like they were both surprised by Future‘s inclusion in the festivities. Had they known Future was going to be there, to begin with, they certainly wouldn’t have attended. Needless to say, there is still a lot of bad blood there.

As for Future and Drake‘s performance, they seemingly had a great time, and the celebrity crowd was also feeling the setlist. After all, these two have a ton of hits together.

Hopefully, Russ and Ciara are able to enjoy the Super Bowl in peace, this evening.