As of right now, the Winter Olympics are currently taking place in Beijing, China. The Olympics were in Beijing back in 2008, however, that was for the Summer Games. Now, athletes from around the world are currently congregating in China, once more, this time to win medals in some of the most exciting Winter events out there.Ā 

Unfortunately for some, the conditions in the Olympic village have been less than ideal, especially when it comes to the food that is being served to the athletes. In a post from Russian athlete Valeria Vasnetsova, it was revealed that the meals have largely consisted of minuscule portions of plain pasta, some chicken, potatoes, and some sauce. Vasnetsova noted that it was so bad that she had lost weight and valuable muscle necessary for competing.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

“My stomach hurts,” Vasnetsova said. “Iā€™m very pale and I have huge black circles around my eyes. I want all this to end. I cry every day. Iā€™m very tired.” Now, according to TMZ, the conditions have improved, and the athletes are being given better meals, moving forward. Regardless, this is pretty unacceptable, as the Olympics are supposed to be an event with the utmost resources behind it.

These kinds of concerns have been present at other Olympic games. For instance, many were shocked about the conditions in Sochi, Russia, back in 2014. When you put on massive events, a lot can go wrong, and the food always seems to be the first thing to get scrutinized.