Saba’sΒ Few Good Things album, released on February 4th, 2022, is a nuanced and layered chapter detailing Saba’s current dealings in reality. Now, the Chicago native has released a short film that correlates with the project.

Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Few Good ThingsΒ is a masterclass in non-linear storytelling, with bountiful ends and beginnings placed with precision throughout. Open ended and thought provoking, Saba turns the dial to and fro as he sees fit, creating a time capsule filled with emotion and texture. Rather than sharing all of his tales with stark contrasting detail, many the ideas reside inside the grey area, which can be equally as difficult as viewing from one perspective. That bridge in dichotomy, coupled with the foray through future and past, makes for a present that has a lot to unravel.

The 25-minute visual spectacle, written and directed by C.T. Robert, takes the attributes of the album and dives into them headfirst, while simultaneously expanding on the lack of straightforward and direct conceptualization. Saba takes us into Chicago, into his streets, and into the homes, hearts, and minds of his loved ones. Offering more background on his upbringing and the family he fondly speaks of helps the audience gain clarity on where he came from, but the direction, minimal dialogue, and alteration of the album twists time even more than the music itself. This may seem like a negative to those expecting a common, cut and dry visual presentation, but allowing the grey area to take up space in both artistic mediums leaves viewers with their own interpretations and understandings.

When asked about Few Good Things, Saba spoke on the album’s conception: “The concept of Few Good ThingsΒ is the realization of self after a search for exterior fulfillment. It is the satisfaction and completeness you gain by simply living a life that is yours. Few is a small number, but few is not lonely. In the face of all adversity, a few good things is recognizing and accepting blessings. Few is to count them, one by one – an empty glass is full of air, an empty bank is full of lessons., and an empty heart is full of memories. Few good things is to grow comfortable with the empty, and despite that, finding your fullness.”

Watch the Few Good Things short film below: