Saorzon Dumbbells Set of 2 Exercise & Fitness Dumbbell for Home Gym Free Weights Hand Hex Dumb Bells 5 8 10 12 15 20 25 30 35 LB

Price: $103.55
(as of Sep 23,2022 09:01:10 UTC – Details)

Saorzon which is a profession and trusted brands. Choose it, you will be more stronger!

Saorzon rubber coated hex dumbbell are affordable, versatile and easy-to-use.
Dumbbells you can do a range of exercises that help you improve cardiovascular fitness, build muscle, burn calories or increase muscular endurance for sports.

Recommend to choose different dumbbell weights to work for your training levels.
Such as use lighter for triceps and biceps and the heavier weights when working legs,
or use a pair of heavier dumbbell when doing a multi-joint combination exercise.

Choose a 15-pound dumbbell or two while training to add resistance and build muscle.

Choose a 25-pound dumbbell or two into strength training or HIIT workouts will help build muscle and shed fat.

Choose a 35-pound dumbbells are ideal for strength training routines and can be used for the fitness enthusiast’s HIIT workouts.

The Saorzon Barbell Coated Hex Dumbbell Weights are available in Weights from 5-35 pounds sets.
Whether you are a beginner at working out or a fitness enthusiast, there is a size dumbbells sets available for you.

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