Tom Brady retired from the NFL last week, however, he is already claiming that he could come back into the league if the inspiration strikes him. This is a pretty wild statement from the seven-time Super Bowl champion, especially when you consider how he is about to turn 45 years old in August. At the end of the day, Brady is better off just calling it a career, and hanging out with his family who is probably very excited for him to have all the time off in the world.

Some are already rolling their eyes at Brady, including none other than Shannon Sharpe, who spoke about Brady’s remarks on today’s episode ofย Undisputed. Sharpe feels like it is time for Brady to just call it a career, and to stop seeking some sort of validation or attention from fans, especially since he has never done stuff like that before.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images for New Era

“I’m already over Tom Brady,” Sharpe said. “A guy that didn’t want attention, seems to be wanting a lot of attention now. I don’t think he makes a comeback.” It is a fairly strong statement from Shannon, although, for many, it probably rings true.ย 

For now, it seems very unlikely that Brady will return to the NFL, however, it remains true that many fans just want to see him enjoy retirement. He has given 22 seasons of his life to the game, and for most players, that is more than enough time to have proven the worth of their legacy.