This weekend was the Pro Bowl, and if you watched it, then you probably realized just how bad the game was. There was very little tackling throughout the game, and it seemed like none of the players actually cared about the match that was going on. Some were there just for the TV time, while others simply made the appearance as fan service. Overall, it was just a terrible display of football, and various legends of the game were upset with what they saw.

One such former player was none other than Shannon Sharpe, who now analyzes football on TV. In a series of tweets, Sharpe ripped the Pro Bowl for being an absolutely garbage representation of the sport. In fact, Sharpe believes the game needs to be done away with, and instead, players can just be named to the Pro Bowl roster as a formality.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

R they not tackling anymore in the Pro Bowl? I’m sorry but this isn’t football. I’ve played in this gm numerous times and I LOVE the NFL, but this is embarrassing,” Sharpe wrote. This then led to a similar rant from Deion Sanders, who noted just how bad the game was. Sharpe saw this tweet and agreed with coach Sanders, saying “Exactly. This was EMBARRASSING. NFL should do away with the gm, but keep the accolade of being selected to the pro bowl.”

Sharpe and Sanders both make a good point here. The game is simply not what it once was, and at this point, the NFL should just do away with it entirely. Regardless, it does get ratings, so the NFL will probably keep doing it until the fans begin tuning out in droves.

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