On Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals will play against each other in the Super Bowl. Much like last year, one of the teams in the Super Bowl is actually going to be playing at home in the big game. This year, the Super Bowl is taking place at the newly erected SoFi Stadium, which is the home of the Rams. This is supposed to give the team a home-field advantage in the big game, however, not everyone believes this will be the case.

Skip Bayless was on his new show today, where he was asked who he thought were the worst fans in all of the United States. In the end, Bayless went off the board and picked Los Angeles Rams fans. Not because they are toxic like other fanbases, but because they simply do not care about their team.

Skip Bayless

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Paley Center for Media

As Bayless explained, Rams fans rarely make up the majority of spectators at SoFi. Instead, the Rams are effectively playing 17 road games per year. He also noted that when Rams fans do show up, they are sleepy and quiet, which forces the players to get their energy from elsewhere.

“This is Hollywood. Fans come to be entertained,” Bayless said. “They’re going to sit on their hands until you spark and inspire them. The LA Rams have the quietest fanbase I’ve ever heard.”

Both Rams and Chargers fans have been roasted for their lack of enthusiasm in the past. With that being said, the Rams could be in for some underwhelming support in the big game.