Joe Burrow came into the Super Bowl on Sunday as an underdog, and in the end, he played like an underdog, pure and simple. Burrow was only able to manage one touchdown all game, and in the fourth quarter, he was completely shut out as the Rams defense finally figured out how to rush past the weak Bengals O-Line. It wasn’t the result Burrow wanted, however, you cannot hate the guy for giving it his best shot, especially when no one thought the Bengals would keep it close.

After the game, Burrow went to go hang out with his new best friend Kid Cudi, which actually rubbed some people the wrong way. After all, Burrow had just lost the Super Bowl, and instead of debriefing, he went to go party. Of course, it is important to mention that these parties are planned in advance, and Burrow was just supporting his new buddy.

Well, that did not stop Skip Bayless from saying something about it today onΒ Undisputed. As Bayless explained, it looks bad for Burrow to have done this, especially since he has been so cool, calm, and collected throughout the playoffs. Bayless felt like it was out of character, and that while some people grieve differently, he expected a bit better from the Bengals QB.

“If I lost the Super Bowl and it became a one-play game and I couldn’t make the one play, there is no way I’m up there on stage,” he said.

Bayless has always been harsh on players for mundane reasons, and this is yet another example. Hopefully, he can someday find it in his heart to forgive Burrow for this horrible sin.