Russell Westbrook had one of the worst games of his entire careerย on Saturday night, as he scored just five points against the New York Knicks. In the end, Russ was benched during the overtime quarter, and fans were largely happy to see it happen. The point guard has been terrible at times this season, and it is quite obvious that he simply just does not fit in on the Lakers roster.

His performance on Saturday created a perfect opportunity for Skip Bayless to be a hater on Monday morning. In the clip below, Skip refers to Russ as a disaster, and he even went after LeBron and AD for enabling Russ’ bad play by claiming that he needs to keep shooting.

Russell Westbrook

Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

Russ is now shooting 66% from the FT line. Two centers are the only two guys shooting worse from the line. You are the point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers!” Bayless said. “Russ is a disaster for LeBron and AD. Yet foolishly after the game, both LeBron and AD fed right back into ‘Russ has got to keep shooting.’ You’re kidding me.”

At this point in the season, Russ has not improved, and it remains to be seen if he ever will. Lakers fans are growing tired of the charade, and with the trade deadline coming up Thursday, some are praying for a bit of movement.