Snoop Dogg didn’t only have words for Anthony Davis this week… he also sent a message to Kanye West about the boots he’s been seen wearing all over the world. In the last few weeks, Ye has been traveling the globe in a pair of Red Wing boots, alternating between the Balenciaga x Crocs collaborative boots. He’s so in love with the style that in his new song “Eazy” with The Game, he jokes that he even wears them in the shower. 

As he continues to parade around town in his seventeen-inch safety boots, Ye earned a statement from Snoop Dogg during a talk with DJ Whoo Kid, who asked if he would wear a similar style during his performance at the upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

“Ain’t no way in the world I’m Crip walking in them motherf*ckin’ big ass space boots,” laughed the legendary West Coast emcee. “Only way I’d wear those motherf*ckers is if they got me jumping off the Empire State Building into a motherf*ckin’ lake full of gators or some sh*t and I gotta walk on the gators like Pitfall to get out of there.”

Snoop went on to praise Ye before claiming that he wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of his boots.

“That n***a getting money, I can’t hate on him but I’ll tell you what… I’ll never wear them motherf*ckers,” said Snoop. “I’m glad it never snows in California.” 

He also laughed that a few people would have to help him get the boots on, considering how high up they go. Would you wear Kanye’s boots? Let us know in the comments.