Snoop Dogg gave everyone major vibes of nostalgia after he shared an old video of the late Tupac and himself. The video was taken at the Grammy’s and we can see Tupac hanging around with Snoop. Tupac is interviewed by a reporter who asked him about his chain to which Pac’ answers “I’m trying to bring 1989 back, I was broke in ’89. Plus, they had me in jail for a year for a crime I didn’t commit. They locked me in chains so I’ma put on a chain.” It is a bit hard to decipher the ending of the sentence, but we can see that even at the time, Tupac’s remained authentic and truthful at all times regardless of the function. Following closely behind we see a fly-looking Snoop Dogg who clearly has aged well.ย This is a hell of a throwback which brings light to the fact that we lost Tupac almost 24 years ago. See the throwback below.

Moreover, Snoop captioned the old footage with the words “2AMW” which stands for his iconic track with Pac. 2 ofย Amerika’sย Mostย Wanted lives on to this day as one of the many classic songs from theย 90s Hip Hop era.

Rest in power,ย Tupac Shakur.ย