The discourse involving the divide between generations of Hip Hop artists has a new voice as Soulja Boy weighs in. The “I did it first” rapper has often stolen attention for his controversial comments and internet beefs, and his decades-long career is riddled with plenty of examples. We’ve seen Soulja Boy criticize artists who came before him and helped pave the way, but like others, he hasn’t accepted the disapproving remarks from OGs about the younger generations of rappers.

During a recent Instagram Livestream, Soulja blamed elder generations of Hip Hop for not taking the time to educate those who followed in their footsteps. “Don’t get it f*cked up, you gotta work hard, you know what I’m saying? I feel like in a way, the motherf*ckin’ game failed us because they not kickin’ back enough knowledge to the young n*ggas.”

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“They not telling the young n*ggas how to get no money, y’all not tellin’ the young n*ggas how to go out and run up some bands. That’s why my young n*ggas out here going crazy, airing sh*t out, spinning sh*t. ‘Cause I feel like, they failed us in a way, like, all the OGs, y’all supposed to be kickin’ knowledge. Y’all supposed to be kickin’ game to the young n*ggas so they really runnin’ up a bankroll.

“And that’s the problem! I’m trying to tell you, bro, like, n*ggas look back and be like, ‘Where did this n*gga go wrong‘ or ‘What happened?’ I’m like, y’all not kicking back no knowledge to the young n*ggas.”

It’s a controversial take that has caused a debate, but let us know if you agree or disagree with Soulja on this one. Check out the clip of his Livestream below.

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